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About Along The Lanes

Hello my lovely, and welcome to Along The Lanes!

I'm Véro Pepperrell, a Canadian gal living in Cambridge, UK. Since I was a kid, I dabbled in every possible art, from musical theatre to painting, cooking to knitting. In recent times, I've fallen down the happy, colourful rabbit hole of pottery and ceramics.

As I skip and hop through different techniques and ideas, I've been making cups, bowls, jewellery and trinkets that I absolutely love and want to share with the world - and with you!

Whether it's a grey day and you choose to wear a taco brooch to brighten it up, or you're having a party and you want to serve canapés on the snazziest dishware ever, I hope you'll find a handmade piece here.

In the "real world", my husband Andrew and I run a software company called Running with Crayons, and make a productivity app called Alfred. As a result, my shop updates may be sporadic, so your best bet is to sign up for a newsletter below to get an email to find out when the next update is happening.

You can also say hi on Instagram where I'm thatcanadiangirl, and I post about art, food (a lot of food), travel, riding big red diggers and, of course, lots of pottery.

I've recently revived my Along The Lanes YouTube channel, and will be posting little peeks into my studio, and creative life. Pop by the channel to see what I've been up to recently, and subscribe for the latest videos!