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Gift Voucher for "Rediscover Your Creativity" workshop

Gift Voucher for "Rediscover Your Creativity" workshop

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This is a gift voucher towards a workshop where you'll rediscover your creativity and find the joy in the handmade crafts.

The workshop will be held on a Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, including lunch. Available dates will be announced early in 2020.

Early Bird Discount for 2019; £90 instead of £100.

When we were kids, picking up a pencil and doodling a random creature was a completely natural activity. Now that we're adults, we've put that innate capacity for creativity at the back of the cupboard, behind the winter coats and grownup task lists.

In this workshop, we'll let go of inhibitions and self-consciousness to discover our happy, wild creativity skills. We'll use paints, various craft materials and oven-baked clay (non-food-grade clay) to develop creative ideas and re-learn how to let loose.

You'll head home with an inspiration box/journal to keep your ideas flowing, your handmade creations and an arsenal of tips and tricks to bring creativity back into your everyday life.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate, nobody is "not creative enough" for this session!

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