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  • Give the Gift of Creativity for Christmas with Workshop Vouchers

    Uninspired by Christmas shopping this year? Looking for something a bit more creative, that doesn't clutter up the house?

    I'll be running new workshops next year, so if you'd like to give a friend, a family member (or yourself!) an opportunity to get creative, this is your chance! 

    If you order your voucher early enough, I can arrange to post a decorated printed voucher for you to offer them. All you need to do is pick the workflow you fancy taking part in! :D

  • Wrapped with Love: Making Your Christmas Gifting More Eco-Friendly

    There's something magical about Christmas morning, and seeing these tantalising shapes under the tree, where we all try to work out what Santa and his elves have brought us. Can we keep the Christmas fun and anticipation, all while being more eco-friendly? Of course, we can!

    Join me in making your Christmas beautifully handmade and kind to the Earth.

  • Keeping a Kiln Log: What's Its Purpose? (With Free Kiln Log Template)

    I'm very much a digital person; I organise personal notes online, keep my calendar digitally, and barely remembered how to hold a pencil until I started drawing more regularly a couple of years ago. However, I love having a printed kiln log.

    It's a very satisfying moment; I switch the kiln on, hear the first few clicks of the relays and grab my little black binder. In it, I jot down the details of the firing that's beginning.

    There are many reasons to keep a kiln log. I thought I'd share the reasons why I love my kiln log, and include a printable PDF to help you keep your own logs.

  • Shipping Ceramics: The Earth-Friendly Packaging Dilemma

    There's no getting around it; Shipping ceramics around the world is a tricky affair. Every precious pottery piece needs to be snuggled safely in packaging that can handle the rough and tumble of the postal system. But I want to be planet-friendly, so what do I do?
  • Fancy seeing you here!

    Well, gosh, you’re a little early, my lovely! *brushes clay-covered hands down her apron*

    It’s wonderful of you to visit, please don’t mind the mess! There’ll be much more to look at soon.