Wrapped with Love: Making Your Christmas Gifting More Eco-Friendly

Did you know that most wrapping paper we use at Christmas is non-recyclable? Until a few years ago, I have to admit that I didn't. Shiny, laminated paper, foiled or glitter-coated paper and textured wrapping paper can't be recycled. In fact, most paper and tissue paper is of such poor fibre quality, it can't be … Continue reading Wrapped with Love: Making Your Christmas Gifting More Eco-Friendly

Keeping a Kiln Log: What’s Its Purpose? (With Free Kiln Log Template)

I'm very much a digital person; I organise personal notes online, keep my calendar digitally, and barely remembered how to hold a pencil until I started drawing more regularly a couple of years ago. However, I love having a printed kiln log. It's a very satisfying moment; I switch the kiln on, hear the first few clicks of the relays and grab my little black binder. In it, I jot down the details of the firing that's beginning. There are many reasons to keep a kiln log. I thought I'd share the reasons why I love my kiln log, and include a printable PDF to help you keep your own logs.

That September feeling

I've always associated September with going back to school, starting new notebooks, celebrating birthdays. After my first summer of gardening, it'll also be a month of bittersweetness, picking the last of the fruits and vegetables we've tended to over the past few months.